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What We Do?

At Jiffy Pictures, we are a movie company dedicated to creating captivating stories that transport you to new worlds. From ideation to production, our team of experts ensures that every aspect of filmmaking is executed with precision and passion. Join us on our journey to bring cinematic magic to life.


Our visionary directors bring stories to life with their passion, creativity, and expertise. Join us


Jiffy delivers high-quality production services for film and TV projects of all genres and sizes.


Jiffy, a movie studio that brings your imagination to life with captivating stories and stunning visuals.


Recognitions received by Jiffy for excellence in filmmaking. Celebrating our team's hard work and creativity.


Experience the magic of storytelling with Jiffy Pictures. Where imagination meets reality, and every frame tells a story that stays with you forever.

A creative crew

Meet The Team

Get to know the talented and passionate individuals who make up the Jiffy team. From directors to editors, our team is dedicated to bringing cinematic magic to life. Learn more about their backgrounds, experiences, and creative inspirations that drive our films to success.

Lulu Hassan

Award winning journalist, news anchor, TV Producer, and CEO of Jiffy Pictures.

Lulu Hassan

Award winning journalist, news anchor, TV Producer, and Director of Jiffy Pictures.

Rashid Abdallah

Zanelle’s petty insecurities have taken a toll on her, prompting an emotional response due to a perceived threat to her marriage with Dylan

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