KA~SIRI | The War for Succession is ON

The War for Succession is ON.

Mr.ZULA ,a Husband of Two dies untimely death (house invasion) living behind his Two families fighting to keep the wealth they believe rightfully belongs to them


  • Ka-Siri is a thrilling telenovela that follows the life of an affluent man named Zula who tragically loses his life during a home invasion. He leaves behind his devoted wife Makena and their daughter Wanja. However, when Wanja becomes pregnant by her boyfriend from the ghetto, Ng’ash, Makena forces her to terminate the pregnancy in order to preserve their family’s wealth.

    Following the burial of Zula, Makena receives a rude shock when a woman called Amber arrives with her two children, Taji and Kim, claiming to the Zula’s second wife. This shocking revelation triggers a heated confrontation between the two wives and sets off a series of dramatic events that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

    Are you ready for an exhilarating roller-coaster ride? Be sure not to miss this jaw-dropping drama, Ka-Siri every Monday to Wednesday at 7:30 pm on Maisha Magic Plus.

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    • The War for Succession is ON
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